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Working from Home Demistyfied

Successfully working at an online job or operating an online business from home requires a whole new set of skills. Remember that dreaded time clock at work that kept track of the hours you were on the job? Remember that grouchy boss who told you what to do, how to do it, and when to do it? Remember the “rules” that you had to abide by when you worked at that job out in the real brick-and-mortar world? Well, now YOU are the time clock, the grouchy boss, and the enforcer of work rules. It’s true that working from home gives you a certain amount of freedom. You CAN choose your own work hours, but you DO have to choose. You ARE your own boss, but you MUST BE a demanding boss. It’s not that you don’t have a schedule when you work from home; it’s that you can choose... Readmore

21 Dec
WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

Since Penguin 2.1 arrived, websites that contain duplicate content are being systematically removed from the Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP's)... Google is coming down heavy and dropping ENTIRE sites out of their rankings due to "duplicate" content. I'm not... Readmore

17 Jul
Rapid Content Wizard Review

Rapid Content Wizard Review

    Content Creation Monster Unleashed? Read my honest no pitch Rapid Content Wizard Review! Let me tell you first that this is a real review and not a sales pitch. I bought the Rapid Content Wizard Software, red the manual, followed the instructions... Readmore

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