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How to Increase Your Profits Right Now

Dan Kennedy tells the story of one of his clients who ran an introduction agency for divorced American men to meet foreign brides. (This was the pre-internet days.) Dan persuaded his client to raise his price from $395 to $3,995. (Not a typo – he multiplied his price by 10.) Would you like to guess what happened to sales? Believe it or not, they stayed THE SAME. But of course the owner made a LOT more money – ten times as much, to be exact. Most marketers look at what their competition is charging, and they charge about the same. But what they don’t realize is their competitors probably did the same thing. There’s a pizza place in a major city that has probably 100 competitors. Yet this pizza place outsells all of them, and does it without offering coupons or special deals, either. How do they do it? Positioning.... Readmore

28 Feb
Working from Home Demistyfied

Working from Home Demistyfied

Successfully working at an online job or operating an online business from home requires a whole new set of skills. Remember that dreaded time clock at work that kept track of the hours you were on the job? Remember that... Readmore

21 Dec
WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

Since Penguin 2.1 arrived, websites that contain duplicate content are being systematically removed from the Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP's)... Google is coming down heavy and dropping ENTIRE sites out of their rankings due to "duplicate" content. I'm not... Readmore

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