WP Dupizer Review And Bonus
December 21, 2013

WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

WP Dupizer Review And Bonus

Hey everybody :),

I’m back with a very urgent information on the latest Google update.

Since Penguin 2.1 arrived, websites that contain duplicate content are being systematically removed from the Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP‘s)…

Google is coming down heavy and dropping ENTIRE sites out of their rankings due to “duplicate” content.

I’m not talking about 100% duplicate content that is found on some sites, I’m talking about
content that is similar… such as posts and pages that are similar to each other.

Believe it or not right now every site owner out there is at risk and here are the main reasons for sites being penalized by Google!

Your sites are at risk if you:

  • Have used content spinners, or outsourced your content creation
  • Created your content based on information you got from other sources such as PLR, ebooks, sites or other sources..
  • Even created your own unique content,you could still be at risk because others have stolen your content and reused it…
  • Are involved in Affiliate Marketing, Geo Targeting, Silo Sites, Authority Sites, Offline Sites

Don’t need to tell you that this really is a serious matter.

But YESthere is a solution… I would rather say “an ingenious solution”

OK but what is The Solution?

Well YOU CAN find a way to eliminate duplicate content completely

WP Dupizer Review And Bonus


















There’s widely known marketer Kevin Byrne who has created a piece of software (WP Dupizer Plugin to be correct) that systematically scans Google and will determine if any piece of content you use is adequately unique to bypass Penguin 2.1 and all the duplicate content filters…

Sounds good… right?

Now, this is the only software I have seen that promises to comprehensively eliminate the risks associated with the latest Penguin update..

The features of this ‘baby’ are so extensive you really need to see them for yourself…
So WHAT is THIS smart WordPress plugin going to DO for you?

  • It’ll scan your entire website and give a DUPLICATE rating for each post/page.
  • It can delete AUTOMATICALLY all the duplicates.
  • It can also delete them MANUALLY.
  • You can decide what duplicates to delete, based on the % rating you set.
  • Enables you to Monitor Your Content
  • You can edit your content at any stage bringing it into the safe zone.
  • It gives you the power to create 100% Unique content all day long.

So finally  if you care for your business, you should secure your sites immediately before you end up losing them.

This is not a false scarcity… I already lost two of my sites rankings overnight…

But there’s more… I’ve got a Great Bonus for you:

Everybody who buys Dupizer through my link gets 30% cashback on both main product and every OTO, upsell or downsell as deep as it goes!

Before you order please read further – IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!

You’ll get paid by PayPal the next day when the 30 Days Guarantee Expires!

You can claim the cashback bonus in 3 simple steps:

  1. To get the WP Dupizer Plugin – Click The Download Button!
  2. After completing the transaction, forward the receipt through the CONTACT page (include your PayPal email)
  3. You will receive your money after 30 days





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    • Admin


      Please DO NOT POST GARBAGE program recommendations here. Jamie Lewis has nothing but garbage products, I was stupid enough to buy 3 times from him and all I can say is – Jamie is a very skilled (and rich marketer), but he’ll never help you make money online… period!

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